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 LSB Blog Post: Centre Daily Times

Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2011

 A recent blog post on the Leavey School of Business website highlighting the benefits of an internship at a startup and the popularity of these internships for Santa Clara students has received quite a bit of media attention.  

“This Ain’t Your Father’s Internship” focuses on one Santa Clara University undergrad in particular, a junior finance major named Katherine King who interned at a reputable insurance company before making what she feels is a real impact at a local startup.  It describes the monotony that oftentimes characterizes internships at well-known companies, and then explains the power and creative freedom and that an internship at a startup oftentimes awards.  
Santa Clara University has found great success in increasing its startup internship offerings for students like King.  The university’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) and the university’s entrepreneur club, the Santa Clara Entrepreneurship Organization (SCEO) have played vital roles in pairing qualified students with startups eager for the help of an intern.     
The story has been picked up by Insurance News Net, Centre Daily Times, and Morningstar, amongst other news sources. 
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