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 Meir Statman: Moneyville

Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2011

Meir Statman, Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance, was recently highlighted on, one of Canada’s newest websites for personal financial advice.  In her article “Why We’re Such Irrational Investors,” Ellen Roseman discusses Statman’s new book What Investors Really Want, in which he looks at what people want in their investments, such as excitement and status, and helps them define their investment personalities.  

Roseman first heard of Statman’s book on a few blogs she follows, and she interviewed the author, an expert in behavioral finance, for her article.  Statman discussed the excitement people get from purchasing actively managed mutual funds and individual stocks, saying, “It’s human nature to try to select the right horse.  It’s fun.  There’s much more sport to it than just buying an index fund.”  
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