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Leavey School of Business Profiles

Meet some of the people who are making a difference at the Leavey School of Business.

Temi Ojo
MBA 2009: Founder, Temi Ojo & Co. Film Production Dublin, California
It's not unusual for a successful Silicon Valley engineer to choose Santa Clara's MBA program to advance his career, but former engineer Temi Ojo got his MBA at Santa Clara to change his career to moviemaking. Read the full profile »
Quyen Le
MBA 2011: Program Manager,
Quyen Le would be the first to tell you that she's an ambitious over-achiever who plans to finish her MBA at the age when most people start theirs, and while holding down a full-time job at Read the full profile »
Laura Ramos
MBA 1991: Vice President, Industry Marketing Xerox Document Services
Originally trained as a mechanical engineer at Stanford, Ramos discovered her passion for marketing only after she started her MBA program at SCU to advance her engineering management career. She earned her degree in 1991, but says she uses the skills she learned then every day. Read the full profile »
David Cheng
MBA 2006 : Senior Financial Analyst, Apple
After working as a web developer, financial analyst and applications specialist, David Cheng felt like he was going nowhere. "My experience was all over the place and I couldn't leverage all those experiences into a career," he recalled. After doing a cost analysis of the idea, getting his MBA at Santa Clara University seemed like the kick-start he would need. Read the full profile »
Kevin Haley
Executive MBA 2005: Founder, Business Manager, Clearstreme LLC
Executive MBA alumnus Kevin Haley developed a clean-tech business plan with classmates during the EMBA program, and knew it would work. Read the full profile »
Roland Hu
MBA 2011
Last summer, MBA student Roland Hu made a point of having coffee every week with a different brand manager at Ubisoft Entertainment, a DVD game company where he had an internship. Branding, after all, is his passion, so much so that he?s currently working on a self-designed independent study course (with Prof. Shelby McIntyre) tied to a project aimed at a branding need at Ubisoft. Read the full profile »
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