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 NPI Fellows

The NPI Fellows are students who participate in an internship with our NPI community partners. There are a total of five internships that are offered each quarter. These are the testimonies of students who have interned.

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  •  Gonzalo Jose Salguero, '15 (Washington Elementary School)

    Major/Minor(s): Political Science and Economics
    Hometown: Bell, CA
    Interests/Hobbies: I love to play soccer and watch movies, listen to music and play video games. 

    How I came to get involved with NPI and what I'm learning (or hope to learn):
    I found out about NPI through Bronco Link and thought it would be a good match to give back to Washington Elementary School and the surrounding community since it reminds me a lot of the community and schooling that I come from.

    At Washington Elementary School I assist volunteer and program coordinator Brian O'Halloran with the programs he already had in action like “Adelante” and will also be able to facilitate my own workshop to teach the students about economics and politics. I will work as an asset for Washington Elementary School to mentor their trouble students.


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