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Washington Elementary School

Washington Elementary School, located in the heart of downtown San Jose, is much more than just a school; it's a community. This community raises and teaches the students from kindergarten until fifth grade, giving them a secure, basic platform from which to continue their education and personal growth. With the help of incredible teachers, administration, parents and volunteers, the students learn to thrive even surrounded by circumstances not typically conducive to success.

Maria Evans, the principal and a 1981 SCU alumnus, has an incredible level of dedication to the students and their futures. Under her leadership, the school has seen an outstanding improvement in quality of education and test performance. Her ever present energy and determination to improve the futures of the students have resulted in tangible, positive outcomes that will continue to multiply.

The students are friendly, polite, hardworking and very eager to learn. The students are very involved with school activities outside of the classroom, such as clubs including 'Las Mariposas,' 'Adelante' and 'China Club.' They have learned a bit about business etiquette from a very dedicated volunteer, Mr. Brian O'Halloran, who has extensive experience in the corporate world, but chooses to dedicate 20 plus hours per week to the kids. The students are used to having volunteers from the outside community around, and are very receptive to the help that we all offer. The students at Washington Elementary are truly a joy to work with.

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