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Yolanda's Market and Catering

Yolanda Arteaga is the owner of her own market and catering business. She sells a variety of authentic Mexican products, fresh produce, meat, and personal care items. In addition to her catering company, Yolanda has a restaurant located inside the market where she serves traditional Mexican cuisine.

Yolanda is originally from Zacatecas, a state in North-Central Mexico, and moved to the United States in 1962. After settling in California, she began to work the night shift at a food packing and cannery plant while raising her three children. After nearly 20 years at the cannery, Yolanda began her first business venture and sold produce at her brother's auto repair shop. She initially offered only oranges, but a large demand led her to selling additional fruits and vegetables. Her early success allowed her to expand her business and relocate to a flea market.

In 1989, she once again expanded and leased a large space in East San Jose. While still maintaining her stand at the flea market, she started selling a greater selection of grocery items in her store and began selling produce to restaurants. On average, Yolanda was selling two 16 foot truck full of fruits and vegetables a week. As her business became more prosperous, she subleased a corner of her store for jewelers and cell phone providers to attract a larger range of customers.

Yolanda faced great hardship when she was forced to move her business after her building was ordered to be bulldozed down. After relocating her market to smaller location, she searched for a new space and purchased a rundown property that was attached to a house. As remodeling efforts progressed, Yolanda was eventually able to settle in and has continued working in this same location to this very day.

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Yolanda's Market

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