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Many other schools have Management Information Systems (MIS) programs. SCU's Leavey School of Business includes the term "Operations" to denote the SCU's program's emphasis on the growing relationship between computer technology and the day-to-day management of business operations. Largely due to the success of SCU graduates in Silicon Valley's top companies, the MIS major is among the most popular at SCU. The OMIS department has grown immensely (only 20 majors in 1994) and is the largest of all undergraduate departments focusing on information technology.


Undergraduate Program in Operations Management & Information Systems

MIS major

As a Management Information Systems major, you will focus on the use of computer information systems and analytical decision-making methods in business organizations. In addition to mastering all the core Leavey School of Business require­ments, you'll specialize in the skills needed to design, implement, and evaluate the computer-based systems that are necessary to manage business operations effectively. In today’s fast-changing, information-driven corporate environment, OMIS majors are in a unique position to develop practical, integrated solutions to complex problems. Their training in both information systems and business places OMIS majors on the fast track toward satisfying and exciting careers.

MIS minor

The OMIS department also offers a minor degree in MIS for both non-MIS majors in the Leavey School of Business as well as non-Business majors. The minor program provides non-MIS majors the opportunity to enhance their understand­ing of information technology in general and how to apply this technology to their major field of study.


Graduate Courses in Operations Management & Information Systems

Four courses—OMIS 351, OMIS 3350, OMIS 3352, and OMIS 3357 — are required of all MBA students.

MS in Information Systems Degree Program

The MSIS degree provides a deep understanding of the design and application of technology solutions, an ability to see how those solutions can address important business issues, and the skills to successfully lead the implementation of these technologies. The MSIS curriculum combines technology-based and business-focused coursework with a perspective that will prepare you to lead any organization that depends on information technology.


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