Santa Clara University

Harshita Bansal MSIS '12

ERS Consultant, Deloitte & Touche

"Santa Clara's MSIS program was the perfect blend of business and technology."                                         - Harshita Bansal

In 2010, Harshita Bansal left her position as a software engineer in Bangalore, India to study in the United States.  After looking at MBA programs across the U.S., she picked Santa Clara University for its Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) Program.

“I wanted to stay in technology, and I understood the technical aspect [of computer science], but I never knew the management aspect. The MSIS program at Santa Clara was the perfect blend of business and technology,” she said.

Not only was Santa Clara a good fit for Harshita’s educational needs, it was also in a great location, “There is no other place in the world better than Silicon Valley if someone wants to do something in technology.” Harshita explained that because of Santa Clara’s great location, the capstone experience was the best aspect of the MSIS program. As part of this program, Harshita got the opportunity to work at Intuit for six months. “It was a hands-on industrial experience,” she said. “We got an understanding of how that company works.”

“Everything we studied in MSIS was implemented in the capstone project,” Harshita said.  The MSIS program provided a perfect blend of technical and management courses to give Harshita the skills she needed to succeed not only throughout her capstone, but throughout her career.






MSIS '12

ERS Consultant

Deloitte & Touche