Santa Clara University

Mark Louie '99, MSIS '07

Program Manager for Google+, Google

Santa Clara University made such an impact on Mark Louie while he attended the school to receive his undergraduate degree in Information Systems that he decided to come back for more! “The Santa Clara environment was very helpful in my growth, plus I was already familiar with the Jesuit way as well as with some of the professors,” recalls Mark.

The Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program was a great fit for Mark for many reasons. First of all, “the level of flexibility was amazing in terms of classes offered and the timing of it all. The part-time program was greatly beneficial as I could continue to work full-time,” he said. 

Secondly, the program was technical enough to be as challenging as an engineering degree, explains Mark, but it incorporated a real-world business approach that you would not get in engineering. “The program appealed to me because the whole framework is focused on actual business problems. All of the group projects from our classes revolved around solving real world problems. And the capstone project at the end was actually implementing a real-life solution for Google ”

Lastly, the MSIS program changed how Mark approaches problems in the workplace.  “There are several classes that helped me in my day job,” said Mark. “For example, in our System Design and Analysis class, we were given case studies and group projects where we would have to look at real world problems. So, I would learn how to attack each type of problem. I’d have to do some research and analysis, and work with different stakeholders so that I could figure out what kind of solutions might work. That class helped provide tools that I use today in terms of fact gathering, doing analytical work, and looking at a problem in a more methodical way.”

He continued, “In the workplace, having a master’s degree builds credibility. I’m really thankful to Santa Clara for launching this program. I would absolutely do it again. I really appreciate the degree and the experience that came with it.”







MSIS '07

Program Manager for Google+