Santa Clara University

  •  Meir Statman : Money, Market Values & the Rich : Forbes, Reuters, Yahoo!

    Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance Meir Statman was quoted in multiple articles regarding finance.
  •  Agrawal and Smith’s eBook in Top 25 for Year

    Naren Agrawal and Stephen Smith's book was in the top 25% of most downloaded eBooks. Read more!
  •  Hersh Shefrin : Probability : Fund Strategy

    Professor of Finance Hersh Shefrin was quoted in a Fund Strategy article discussing probability in investing.
  •  SCU MBA Students Win 1st Place in IFAMA Case Competition

    An SCU MBA team of students won first place in the IFAMA Student Case Competition!
  •  Edward McQuarrie : What did that ad just say? : Marketplace

    Professor of Marketing, Edward McQuarrie was interviewed for a widely aired Marketplace public radio story about profanity in advertisements.
  •  LSB Alumnus and LinkedIn CFO Sordello Joins Trustees

    LSB alum Steve Sordello '92, MBA '01, joins SCU's Board of Trustees.
  •  Meir Statman : Is $5,000 a lot of Money? : The Detroit Free Press

    Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance Meir Statman was quoted in an article about the value money holds in the eyes of different beholders.
  •  Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby (MBA '95) is Judges' Choice

    Alumna Rebecca Jacoby, MBA '95, CIO at Cisco Systems, Inc. was the Judge's Choice for this year's Bay Area CIO Awards.
  •  Barry Posner : 3 Ways to Make Everyone Around You Smarter : Fast Company

    An excerpt about effective leadership from Professor of Management, Barry Posner and co-author Jim Kouzes’ book "The Leadership Challenge: How To Make Extraordinary Things Happen In Organizations" was published online by Fast Company.
  •  Linda T. Alepin receives the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award

    The Dean’s Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship Linda T. Alepin received the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the American Association of University Women for her work with the Global Women’s Leadership Network.
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