Santa Clara University

  •  Chuck Byers : Kaepernick incident :

    Chuck Byers was quoted in a recent KTVU article.
  •  Hersh Shefrin : Downsides of Technical Trading : Reuters

    Research by Professor Hersh Shefrin ran throughout many publications and sites.
  •  Meir Statman : Risk Questionnaires : Wealth Management

    Professor Meir Statman was quoted in an article about risk questionnaires
  •  Mario Belotti : Fed Policies & Income Inequality : San Jose Mercury News

    Dr. Mario Belotti wrote an op-ed that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News
  •  Leavey School of Business : CAPE : Patch

    LSB’s California Program for Entrepreneurship was featured on several local news sites.
  •  Anthony Tarantino : Supply Chain Management & Technology : Digital Supply Chain

    Lecturer Anthony Tarantino wrote a piece that appeared in Supply Chain Digital.
  •  Kirthi Kalyanam : New groceries-only Walmart : ABC7

    Kirthi Kalyanam spoke to ABC7 about a new groceries-only Walmart in Santa Clara.
  •  Dale Achabal : Safeway’s Merge with Albertsons : San Jose Mercury News & KGO Radio

    Dale Achabal was quoted in both newspaper and radio about Safeway’s merger with Albertsons.
  •  MBA students represent SCU at SABR Analytics Conference

    A group of MBA students participated in the SABR Analytics Conference last month.
  •  Alumnus Chris Cabrera MBA ‘97 : Xactly : San Jose Mercury News

    Q&A with Chris Cabrera, founder, CEO & president of Xactly.
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