Santa Clara University

  •  Teny Shapiro : Later start times for high schools : Seattle Times

    Teny Shapiro was quoted about later start times for high schools
  •  Jack Lazar : Appointed CFO at GoPro : GoPro

    Alumnus Jack Lazar '87 appointed CFO of GoPro.
  •  Alumnus Ed Dowd ’72 donates $12 million to SCU

    Business School alumnus Ed Dowd ’72 donated $12 million to build a new art and art history building on campus.
  •  Bernard Lee : Tipping the Balance of Innovative Power : Business FM

    Bernard Lee was interviewed by Business FM in Malaysia.
  •  Barry Posner : TEDx Talk : University of Nevada

    Barry Posner gave a TEDxTalk at the University of Nevada.
  •  Kirthi Kalyanam : Quality of good at outlet stores : CBS SF Bay Area

    Kirthi Kalyanam appeared in a CBS news clip about the quality of goods at outlet stores.
  •  Drew Starbird : Hunger Index : KLIV Radio

    Dean Drew Starbird was quoted in a KLIV radio segment.
  •  Alex Field : The Second Machine Age : The World Post

    Research by Alex Field appeared in an article in The World Post.
  •  Charles Feinstein : Opening the Black Box : Public Utilities Fortnightly

    Charles Feinstein co-wrote an article arguing for a better method for utility companies to manage their assets.
  •  Meir Statman : When a Giant Gain Causes Pain : Wall Street Journal

    Meir Statman was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article.
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