Santa Clara University

  •  Chuck Byers : Apple's New Campus : Mercury News

    Marketing Professor of Practice, Chuck Byers, was quoted in a Mercury News article about Apple's new proposed headquarters in Cupertino.
  •  Alex Field : Factors Affecting the Economy : NBC Bay Area

    Michel and Mary Orradre Professor of Economics and the Economics Department Chair, Alex Field, spoke to NBC Bay Area about other factors affecting the economy beyond housing values and interest rates.
  •  Meir Statman : Mandatory Retirement Savings : Pensions & Investments

    Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance Meir Statman was mentioned in this Pensions & Investments article about his view to adopt a new mandatory retirement plan to help fix the retirement system.
  •  MBA student recognized for STEM project

    Math Multipliers, a non-profit for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education founded by Santa Clara MBA student Alejandro Garcia, was recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative University 2013 last month.
  •  Robert Hendershott : Yahoo acquires Tumblr : NPR’s Marketplace

    Professor of Finance, Robert Hendershott, was quoted in an NPR Marketplace article about Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr for over a billion dollars.
  •  Meir Statman : Global stocks Appeal to the Young : Chicago Times

    Professor of Finance, Meir Statman was quoted in a Chicago Times article about younger generations investing more of their assets oversees than older generations.
  •  Helen Popper : Bitcoin Blow : NPR Marketplace

    Economics professor Helen Popper was quoted in NPR's Marketplace show, discussing why online currency Bitcoin is viewed negatively by regulators.
  •  Terri Griffith : Leadership : Harvard Business Review Blog

    Professor of Management, Terri Griffith wrote a blog featured on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network titled “Leadership Is More than Interpersonal Skills.”
  •  Barry Posner : Empathy, Courage, Honesty in Leadership : Mercury News

    Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes' work on The Leadership Challenge is sited in a column by the that uses a real-life situation as an example of what Barry and James Kouzes identify as key practices of effective leadership.
  •  Buford Barr : Proper Medical Disposal : KGO Radio

    Professor of Marketing, Buford Barr, and his Public Relations students were quoted in a KGO radio story for their campaign to raise awareness about a state bill requiring drug companies to take responsibility for proper disposal of unused meds.
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