Santa Clara University

  •  Hersh Shefrin : Retirement savings & Cost of Blown Resolutions : Various Outlets

    Hersh Shefrin was quoted in articles about saving for retirement and the cost of blown resolutions.
  •  Barry Posner : Overweight Executives : Various Outlets

    Comments by Barry Posner about disadvantages of overweight executives were carried in multiple news outlets.
  •  Susan Parker : Women on the Board of Directors : KLIV radio

    Susan Parker discussed her study that found having a woman on the board of directors is correlated with fewer earnings restatements.
  •  Andy Tsay : Apple Distribution Channels in China : China Daily

    Andy Tsay was quoted in a China Daily article about Apple's two new distribution channels in China.
  •  Hersh Shefrin : Personal Finances : Various Outlets

    Hersh Shefrin was quoted in three articles about various financial topics.
  •  Chuck Byers : How Tech Redefines Us : San Jose Mercury News

    Chuck Byers was quoted in the last installment of a Mercury News series.
  •  Bernard Lee : Sovereign Wealth Funds : Various Outlets

    Bernard Lee was interviewed on BBC radio's TODAY program about the role of sovereign wealth funds.
  •  Mary Furlong : Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs : Associated Press

    Mary Furlong was quoted in an Associated Press story about baby boomers as entrepreneurs.
  •  Meir Statman : Don't Listen to Invenstment Tips : The Wall Street Journal

    An investment tip from finance professor Meir Statman.
  •  Robert Eberhart : Entrepreneurship in Japan : New York Times

    Robert Eberhart was quoted in a New York Times article about entrepreneurship in Japan.
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