Santa Clara University

  •  SCU alumna launches high-end restaurant in Palo Alto

    Jacquetta Lannan J.D. ’06 is about to open her first restaurant with the help of the California Program for Entrepreneurship.
  •  John Ifcher : Does having kids make adults happier? : Multiple news outlets

    Research by Professor John Ifcher appeared in multiple news outlets.
  •  Barry Posner : Employees want leaders ‘who are worthy of their trust’ :

    Research by Professor Barry Posner appeared in an article online.
  •  Robert Hendershott : Tech’s Freshest Face : San Jose Mercury News

    Professor Robert Hendershott was quoted in various outlets about Silicon Valley companies.
  •  Meir Statman : Retirement Funds : KPCC

    Professor Meir Statman appeared in a KPCC radio segment about retirement funds.
  •  Kirthi Kalyanam : Target’s Business Model : Washington Post

    Professor Kirthi Kalyanam was quoted in a Washington Post piece.
  •  Alex Field : Capital in the Twenty First Century : SSRN

    Alex Field’s paper made multiple Top Ten downloaded lists.
  •  Hersh Shefrin : Beyond Rational : aiCIO

    Hersh Shefrin was quoted in an article about perceived risks.
  •  Manuel Velasquez : Businesses aren’t people : MarketWatch

    Professor Manuel Velasquez wrote an opinion piece that appeared online.
  •  Sanjay Jain : Paper Published : Academy of Management Journal

    Professor Sanjay Jain’s paper was published in a leading management journal.
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