Santa Clara University

  •  Dale Achabal : Black Friday : CBS TV

    RMI’s Dale Achabal appeared on CBS TV regarding Black Friday.
  •  Hersh Shefrin : Ethics of Plagiarism : Go Local PDX

    Professor Hersh Shefrin was quoted in an article regarding the ethics of plagiarism.
  •  John Hogan : TeenForce : Silicon Valley Business Journal

    Alumnus John Hogan's company TeenForce was featured in the Silicon Valley Business Journal regarding plans for next year.
  •  Danny Shafazand : Bell Tower Bistro : San Jose Mercury News

    Student Danny Shafazand took his family's cafe and turned it into a local hotspot.
  •  MBA student helps business travelers through new app

    Current student Madhu Madhusudhanan’s company appeared in the news.
  •  Alex Field : Falling Gas Prices : NBC Bay Area

    Professor Alex Field appeared on NBC Bay Area regarding recent drop in gas prices.
  •  Kris Mitchener : Predicting Winners in Civil Wars : The Washington Post

    Research by economics professor Kris Mitchener was cited in The Washington Post.
  •  Nilofer Merchant : Martin Prosperity Institute Project on Democratic Capitalism

    Alumna Nilofer Merchant was recently appointed to the University of Toronto’s Martin Prosperity Institute.
  •  Meir Statman : Investing Apps : MarketWatch

    Professor Meir Statman appeared in multiple news outlets regarding investing apps and precautions.
  •  Andy Tsay : Apple & Alibaba Partnership : Silicon Valley Business Journal

    OMIS chair Andy Tsay was quoted in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.
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