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The Departmental Research Seminar Series features departmentally hosted research presentations by scholars in LSB and various national and international universities.

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Departmental Research Series : Management: Sanjay Jain : Santa Clara University

noon to 1:15 PM

Assistant Professor of Management Sanjay Jain presents his work "Integrative embedding in the development of markets for underserved communities: Clean energy provision to off-grid publics."

Abstract: In this paper, we conceptualize markets for underserved communities as being constituted by local institutions that reflect conditions of extreme resource scarcity. Using data on the activities that four social ventures undertook to develop markets for their clean energy solutions across three different countries, we highlight how these actors engaged in integrated embedding – i.e., weaving their goods as well as the activities related to their production and purchase -- into the space afforded by the extant institutional fabric of these communities. In doing so, these ventures demonstrated pragmatic agency – i.e., they crafted innovative responses within the significant constraints imposed by the local institutions. Finally, we suggest that the identity of these ventures is a key driver of the initiatives that they engage in – and by association – the markets that they (do not) develop. These findings highlight the significance of understanding and articulating local context in developing these markets. In doing so, it makes contributions to the sociology of markets, entrepreneurship and institutional theory literatures.


Lucas Hall, Forbes Family Conference Center

Business School Dean's Office
Mary Correia
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