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RSP Minor Core Curriculum Requirements

The main objective of the Retail Studies Program (RSP) is to provide students with the qualifications to enter the exciting and dynamic retail industry in such fields as buying & planning, e-commerce, store management, global sourcing, and information technology. The Retail Studies minor is open to undergraduates in all fields within the University

Participation in the program provides students with a strong business background in the use of consumer information & information technology, as well as an opportunity to explore the retail field in depth through both an Internship and the Senior Seminars. The institute also sponsors pre-placement events for participants in the Retail Studies Program.

In addition to completing a set of core requirements, students pursue either a Multi-Channel or Internet Retailing option which allows for more in-depth study in their areas of interest.

Core Requirements

Managerial Communication

COMM 20 or MGMT 171

Technology / Information Systems

COMM 12 or OMIS 34 (or equivalent) or SOCI 49/149



OMIS 40 or COMM 110 or PSYC 40, or MATH 8/123 or AMTH 108
Principles of Marketing

MKTG 181

Multi-Channel Retailing

MKTG 165**

Summer Internship

BUSN 198; or other internship ***

Advanced Retail Seminars

MKTG 168 and MKTG 169 (Fall & Winter)

Three -Options

          Multi-Channel Web Engineering
                   Internet Retailing
Computer Concepts

OMIS 15 or 17*

Web Programming

    COEN 161


Computer Imaging

           ARTS 74 or 174

Organization and Mangement

MGMT 160

 Web Usability

     COEN 163


Graphic Design

ARTS 75 or 175

   Web Infrastructure

     COEN 162



MKTG 175 or ARTS 177 or OMIS 111 or OMIS 113


*This OMIS requirement cannot be waived. Note: As of Fall 2013, OMIS 15 will replace OMIS 17. For the time being, both are approved for this requirement.

**BUSN 70 followed by ACTG 11 as well as MKTG 181 are prerequisites to this class.

***Other internships that are completed for your major but are retailing related.

Updated December 2014


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