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The Retail Studies internship programs provide the opportunity for students to put classroom theory into practice in a real world retail experience. The internship is ten weeks, full time, and generally takes place the summer between a student's junior and senior year. This opportunity provides students with experience in the retail industry needed for such a competitive job market.

The Retail Management Institute faculty and staff work closely with students to identify opportunities that match interests and skills. The internship preparation process begins winter quarter and includes resume workshops, information sessions, corporate tours and more!

Students can fulfill the internship requirement by participating in Institute sponsored internships or by finding their own internship.



"HUGO BOSS supports the SCU RMI Internship Program because we see tremendous value in education and providing mutually valuable work experiences for RMI students. I personally credit my internship experience with helping me to decide to pursue a career in this industry... I remain committed to the purpose of the RMI because I see the value this experience has had both for me personally as well as many other students I have observed benefit from this experience over the years".

- President of Men's, Michael Kors
   and RMI Alum, Mark Brashear

(Former Chairman & CEO of Hugo Boss Americas)



Fulfilling Internship Requirements

  • iconInstitute Sponsored Internships

    The Retail Management Institute has an extensive network of industry relationships. This summer students will have the opportunity to intern with the following companies:

    Cost Plus
    Phillips-Van Heusen
    Hugo Boss
    Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma, Inc
    John Paul Richard                       
    Levi Strauss & Co
    Red Bull
    Macy's Sears
    Nordstrom Sizemke Apps
    Old Navy/Gap, Inc

  • iconFinding Your Own Internship

    General Comment for all Internships: It is highly recommended that all internships have an analytical component to them. Analytical means some understanding of the causal or logical reasoning behind the firm's actions or decisions and finding opportunities for improvement. For example the retailer you are working with might be prioritizing certain processes that improve availability in certain categories. The analytical component is asking why this is the correct action as opposed to prioritizing something else such as improvements on price. In your internship request please highlight the analytical opportunities/aspects of your Internship. 

    Types of Internships: Internships can be in any one of the following organizations.

    1) Retail Organization:

    Your internship is with a Retail Organization. For example, Macy's, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, Safeway, Trader Joes, Gap, Williams-Sonoma, Hugo Boss, TJX, Levi and others. While internships that are in the buying department are the most preferred, we will also accept other internships in the stores, HQ or any department. In this case we encourage you to pursue internships that match your capabilities and status as a prospective graduate from a very prestigious Jesuit University in Silicon Valley.

    2) Accounting / Consulting / Manufacturer:

    Your internship is part of an organizational effort that calls on / sells to / provides services to a retailer.In other words for this organization a "retailer" is the customer as in the following examples:

    Consulting & Accounting Firms:Accenture or KPMG (provides services to Retailer). In your internship your work has to directly focus on a retail client.

    Manufacturer: Hugo Boss, Levi and Apple (have stores and supply to other retailers), Phillips-Van Heusen (Sells to other retailers). In your internship you have to work in the retail division of the manufacturer or the division that sells directly to retailers.Your work has to directly focus on retailers. A corporate marketing or PR type Internship does not fit this program and will not be approved.

    3) eCommerce:

    Your internship is with an organization or its division that involves selling or marketing to customers using the Internet. For example,,, eBay,, Apple eCommerce, iTunes etc. Your internship has to be in the eCommerce / Internet Marketing division.

    Getting Your Internship Approved: To get your internship approved, please review the information above carefully, and send Cynthia Gamage ( the following:

    1. Job description of the internship as posted or prepared by the company if available.

    2. A written statement from you that covers the following:(1) The name of the company, (2) The location of the internship, (3) The type of organization (one of the three types above), (4) Description of your work, (4) How your work directly focuses on retail, (5) The Analytical aspects of your internship.

    It will then be approved or not, by RMI Director, Prof. Kalyanam. You will not need to meet with him to have this done. It is your responsibility to make the comparison and make your own case on why it fits in one of the three types above.

    Updated 3-13-2015

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