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Working Papers

W-RW08-09 - Miller, Christopher M., Stephen A. Smith, Shelby H. McIntyre, and Dale D. Achabal (2008) "Optimizing and Evaluating Retail Assortments for Infrequently Purchased Products." Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW06-01 - Kalyanam, Kirthi, Sharad Borle, and Peter Boatwright (2006) "Deconstructing Each Item's Category Contribution." Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW06-01 - Kalyanam, Kirthi and Daniel S. Putler (2006) "Sales Potential Estimates from Household Spending Data: How Much Bias Does Limited Census Information Cause?" Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW05-01 - Kalyanam, Kirthi, Rajiv Lal and Gerd Wolfram (2005), "Future Store Technologies and their Impact on Grocery Retailing, Retailing in the 21st Century: Current and Future Trends, Manfreed Kraft and Murali Mantrala." (Eds), Springer, 95-112. Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW01-02 - Kalyanam, Kirthi and Shelby H. McIntyre (2001), "Return on Reputation in Online Auction Markets," Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW01-01 - Batsell, Richard R., John C. Polking and Shelby H. McIntyre (2001), "Individual Choice: New Models and Estimation Methods," Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW99-02 - Achabal, Dale D., Shelby H. McIntyre, Stephen A. Smith and Kirthi Kalyanam (1999), "Decision Support Systems for Vendor Managed Inventory" Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW99-01 - Agrawal, Naren and Stephen A. Smith (1999), "Optimal Retail Assortments for Substitutable Items Purchased in Sets," Retail Workbench Working Paper

W-RW98-01 - Achabal, Dale D., Shelby H. McIntyre, Stephen A. Smith and Kirthi Kalyanam (1998), "Implementing Marketing Models: Decision Support Systems for Vendor Managed Inventory & Clearance Markdown Management," Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW96-06 - Kalyanam, Kirthi and Daniel S. Putler (1996), "A Disaggregate Approach For Estimating Market Potential for Retail Trading Areas," Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW96-03 - Smith, Stephen A. and Dale D. Achabal (1996), "Clearance Pricing and Inventory Policies for Retail Chains," (see re-print Publications P-RW98-01).

W-RW96-02 - Smith, Stephen A. and Naren Agrawal (1996), "Management of Multi-Item Retail Inventory Systems with Demand Substitution," Retail Workbench Working Paper.

W-RW96-01 - Smith, Stephen A., Robert Collins and Shelby McIntyre (1996) "A Discrete Optimization Model for Retail Seasonal Planning," Retail Workbench Working Paper.

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