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 5 Commandments for college freshmen

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012


5 Commandments for college freshmen

Article originally posted 09/02/2011 (The Washington Post The Answer Sheet by Valerie Strauss)

By H. Buford Barr

Beginning college is a milestone event in our lives. Like most events of this magnitude, how we handle and deal with the new challenges we face determines our ultimate success. The transition to college requires a a change in attitude and behavior. To help make this transition as painless and productive as possible, here are five commandments for a successful college career.

Thou shall be responsible for YOU.

College is not an extension of high school. Mommy isn’t around to wake you in the morning, fix you breakfast and dinner, remind you to do your homework and keep you on schedule…at least I hope not! Independence is a stimulating condition, but has its pitfalls as well. You must take responsibility for YOU and do it now and do it correctly.

Develop and maintain a personal routine. Include time for class, study, campus activities, extra-curricula activities, social, work, sleep and Facebook. Develop a good routine early and stick with it. Beware of the temptations of socializing and social media. Remember your JOB is to excel in college. You are measured by the grades you earn. You need discipline to manage yourself and that discipline will reward your commitment.

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