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Internal Transfer Application Process 2014

The internal-transfer application process is a way for SCU students in the College of Arts & Science or the School of Engineering to transfer into the Leavey School of Business.

Although we would like to admit every student who is interested in the business school, the Leavey School of Business has enrollment limitations and so we must restrict the number of internal transfers.

Given the limited number of spaces, it is also important to understand the following regarding the process:

  1. Students at any level of undergraduate study may apply (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).
  2. Class status (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc) is determined by quarters of attendance not by units.
  3. No specific coursework is required.
  4. Internal transfer students may find that additional quarter(s) of study beyond four years may be needed to complete their course of study due to later entry into the Leavey School of Business.
  5. Students may apply once per year.
  6. Some students not admitted through the internal transfer process may be waitlisted until the start of the next academic year.
  7. Information and decisions regarding the process will be communicated by Gmail email.
  8. All decisions regarding internal transfers are final.

Students who plan to apply to the school of business in the spring may be asking what classes to take in preparation.  While there are no course requirements to apply to the Leavey School of Business for Internal Transfer, the following is a list of courses which will satisfy requirements in both the university and business core:


For Students in 2001-2008 Core
For Students in 2009 and later Core
ENGL 1 and 2 Critical Thinking and Writing 1 and 2
MATH 30 and 31 or MATH 11 and 12
MATH 30 and 31 or MATH 11 and 12
Two Western Culture Courses
Cultures and Ideas 1 and 2
2nd language (Required to 2nd course for business students – e.g. SPAN 2)
2nd language (Required to 2nd course for business students – e.g. SPAN 2)
ECON 1 (social science) ECON 1 (social science)
PHIL 6 (ethics)
PHIL 6 (ethics)
World Cultures / Societies – area studies
Three religious studies courses
Three Religion, Theology and Culture courses
United States
Lab Science
Natural Science


Students may also attend the first class session of BUSN 70. If there are spaces available after all business students are enrolled, they may receive a permission number to add the class during the first week of classes.

Students may also want to consider a business minor, and may wish to review the requirements for the available business-related minors(A&S, ECON, Entrepreneurship, International Business, MIS, Retail Studies). However, students should not pick up a minor simply to be allowed to enroll in restricted business classes. Students should only declare a minor which they intend to complete even if they do not get accepted in the school as a major.

For more information on the Leavey School of Business Internal Transfer application process, contact the Undergraduate Business Programs Office in Lucas Hall (Deloitte Suite 115); phone: 408-554-4791; email

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