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Expectations of Intern Supervisors

Supervision is an essential component in the educational nature of internships which fosters the successful transition from the classroom to the work setting:

  • Supervisors are professionals, trained in the same discipline as that of the internship, who routinely use a level of professional knowledge, skills, and judgment in the performance of their responsibilities.
  • A supervisor has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide teaching and training that is appropriate to the student’s academic level and that challenges the student to develop greater skill development.
  • A supervisor uses his/her skills to effectively provide leadership and guidance, clarity of expectations, training and development, teaching skills for employability, ongoing monitoring and feedback, and evaluation.
  • A supervisor evaluates the student’s progress based on specific learning objectives and outcomes.
  • A supervisor also evaluates a student in the areas of his/her ability to learn and develop the following:
    • problem solving and creative thinking skills,
    • attention to detail and analytical skills,
    • computation/technical skills appropriate to the position,
    • oral and written communication skills
    • delivery of presentations and public speaking,
    • interpersonal and teamwork skills,
    • ability to learn from others in a diverse environment,
    • organizational effectiveness skills (how one fits in with the norms and expectations of the organization),
    • professional and career development skills, and
    • developing professional competencies (managing time and priorities, attention to deadlines, etc.)
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