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Meet the Career Center Staff!

By Elspeth Rossetti, Director, Career Center

I feel fortunate to work with a great group of people who are energetic and enthusiastic about their work. Our Career Center staff members are seasoned professionals with graduate degrees and many years of experience, which you can discover by reading their LinkedIn profiles. I thought I’d take this chance to introduce you to them in a more personal way by having them tell you things about themselves that you might not otherwise discover. So, here we go…





Employers Hire People, Not Just Majors

As freshmen and sophomores explore their major options, they frequently express concern about how their major is going to lead to a career. Along with their concern are misconceptions about which major is better suited for a career (eg: accounting is better than management, or communication is better than history). Much of our work with exploring students involves educating them about the wide variety of opportunities available for any major. Next, we help students articulate their interests in a particular major.

For example, one student might choose to study English because she enjoys “using words to persuade” while another may choose English because she enjoys “learning about human nature.” The first student’s interests may lead to communication and marketing roles, while the 2nd student student’s interests may lead to work in counseling. This process makes visible to the student that every student chooses a major for different reasons and the student’s particular interests (rather than the major) are the starting place for conversations around internships and career opportunities. Click on the graphic to see a visual demonstration for this process.




Interesting Facts

Paid or unpaid internships? Paid internships offer students a distinct advantage in the job market.


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