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Rose Nakamoto: Your Resource for Consultation on Internships and Experiential Learning

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RoseAs the relatively new Assistant Director for Experiential Learning, I’m excited to have joined the SCU community to primarily focus on supporting the incorporation of internships and experiential learning into the undergraduate experience.

I work with 3 audiences: faculty/staff, employers, and students.

  • iconFaculty/Staff

    I consult with faculty and staff to offer support with:

    *Includes internships, fellowships, study abroad, volunteering, and immersion experiences

  • iconEmployers

    I serve as a bridge between SCU and the internship/employment marketplace by consulting with employers around:

    Internships are crucial to industry and workforce development. Here’s why:

  • iconStudents

    I support students’ internship preparation, search, and integration in the following ways:

    Did you know...?
  • iconAbout Rose

    My background includes a range of experience, including coordinating internship and career development programs, overseeing the recruitment and talent acquisition process within HR, and managing a global executive education program for rising senior leaders within high tech and fortune 500 companies. My inspiration in work comes from supporting students through the discovery of how their education, strengths, and passions align with a fulfilling and meaningful career.

    Have questions or support/partnership inquiries? I would be happy to consult with you! You can reach me via email or by phone 408-554-4420.

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