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Career Education On Demand:
Resources for the Busy Student


Jennifer Ferrari, Assistant Director, Career Center

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Many of us on campus have likely experienced students’ last minute requests or desires to have instant access to information. Students often come into the Career Center with immediate needs: “I have an interview in 3 hours. Is someone free to give me some tips?” or “My application is due tomorrow. Can someone help me with my resume right now?” While we can’t always be available instantly, the Career Center offers resources and services to address the variety of immediate requests from our busy students:


Drop-in Appointments

The Career Center offers 18 hours of drop-in appointmentschecklist each week. Students can call or stop by to make a 15 minute appointment for the same day. These are great appointments for resume or coverletter reviews, brief interview, internship, and job search strategies, and a starting place for those who are making decisions about their major or have never been to the Career Center before and aren’t sure of where to begin. Drop-in appointments are available Monday – Friday 11am-1pm; Monday – Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm.


LinkedIn Jobs and Career Networks

The Career Center manages eight Jobs and Career Networks on LinkedIn. These groups provide students with instant access to articles about the selected industry, job and internship postings, and information about upcoming events. Our Jobs & Career Networks are:


Online Workshops

The Career Center website has a variety of short online bannerworkshops to provide students with tips and strategies when they can’t make it into the office in person. Topics include:


Guides & Industry Snapshots

In the Career Center Lobby there are resources available for students to pick up with excellent information on a variety of career related topics. Additionally, our Industry Snapshots provide career information and job & internship resources for industries like Healthcare, Green Careers, Nonprofits,Biotech, Social Entrepreneurship, Finance & Banking, Entertainment, Media, & Sports, and Performing Arts.


iStart Strong Assessment

The iStart Strong assessment allows students to exploredeantheir interests and think about how these interests may relate to their fields of study, careers, and work environments. While students are encouraged to meet with a counselor upon completion of the assessment to discuss the results, they are able to download their reports instantly and start this reflection and exploration on their own. The report is rich with information and links that allow students to examine their interests and potential related occupations.


SCU Career Center on Facebook

The SCU Career Center Facebook page provides information about upcoming events as well as quick tips and industry news.


What’s Next?

The University’s transition to Google Apps for Education invites all of us on campus to think about new ways to engage with our students. Apps like Google Talk and video chats could allow us to communicate and collaborate with students differently than we have before. We can consider if we want to offer online advising or set up opportunities for students and employers to interact virtually. These new resources allow each of us to determine how we may meet the needs of our students in new and innovative ways.

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