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  • Bucky_CareerCenterCareer Education On Demand

    Resources for the Busy Student

    Many of us on campus have likely experienced students’ last minute requests or desires to have instant access to information. Students often come into the Career Center with immediate needs: “I have an interview in 3 hours. Is someone free to give me some tips?”

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  • careerdirectionSummer Internship Recruiting is HERE!

    It’s not too early for your students to start looking for summer internships. Summer internship recruiting begins as early as the fall and will continue through spring. It’s also never too early in students’ academic careers to begin looking for internships. 37% of internships posted on BroncoLink last year were for freshmen and sophomores.

    70% of SCU students have at least 1 internship (SCU Outcomes Survey) and in 2012, 61% of employers made full time offers to their interns (National Association of Colleges and Employers Internship Survey).

    We encourage you to let your students know about the following ways to find a summer internship, locally, nationally, and internationally:


You Can Now Search for SCU Alumni by Major on LinkedIn

Show your students the vast array of career options available to them with this enhanced feature on LinkedIn. Under Contacts > Santa Clara University, you can now search for alumni by what they studied and see where they work, what they do, where they live, what they’re skilled at, and who they are. This feature is also great for finding alumni for class and panel presentations. Anyone with a LinkedIn account can access this wealth of data.


  • socialVocation Discernment

    Are you teaching an ELSJ or Vocation Pathway course or offering a program that includes vocation discernment in the learning objectives? Consultations are available to discuss resources for assignments, activities, and presentations that can be customized to your class or program. Contact Elizabeth Krishnan,, to arrange a meeting.

  • computerLinkedIn Tutorial

    Rich with analytics and networking capabilities, LinkedIn can provide a vast array of student and alumni contacts and information tailored for your department’s needs. Contact Elspeth Rossetti,, to arrange a LinkedIn tutorial for yourself or your department.




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