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MARCH 2013
  • studentLeveraging Technology to Prepare our Students for the Changing Nature of Work

    When students sit down in our offices and declare with apprehensive defiance that they “don’t want to work in a cubicle” they are communicating both a longing for “something more” than workplace confinement and also worry that their longing may be unrealistic in the workplace.

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  • questionsFAQs for Parents

    As the Class of 2017 decides on whether to choose SCU and as incoming freshmen and their parents orient themselves to the University over the summer, many of us face questions from parents and their students about graduate outcomes and support for students’ career development. Data driven talking points speak volumes. Here are a few that you can find as infographics for your presentations on the Parent Section of our website:

  • gradsLearn about Majors and Careers

    Show your students this short video to orient them to the many online resources available to explore their options.

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