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What if I have other offers pending?

On average, an employer will allow 1 – 2 weeks for you to evaluate and sign an offer. Depending on the position, size of the organization and the job market, this time frame may be negotiable. Whatever time you agree upon, you will need to contact the other employers and see how quickly they can act. You cannot keep asking for extensions.

Employers may attempt to pressure you into accepting their offer immediately, thereby lessening the opportunity for competing offers. For example, your signing bonus may disappear if you do not sign within 24 hours or the offer is rescinded if you do not accept within 48 hours. If you ask for more time, some employers may extend the deadline, others will not.

Consider the employer’s side. They’ve determined that you’re the candidate that they want, they’ve made you an offer and they’re waiting for your response. They cannot make another offer until you’ve turned their offer down. And, each day that you wait to decline an offer is another day that the employer loses ground with other potential candidates.

Important Tip: ALWAYS get an offer in writing. A formal offer should include: salary, job title, start date, eligibility for benefits, and a signature from an organization representative.

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