Santa Clara University

Career Center

Expectations of Co-op Supervisors

  • A supervisor is a senior engineer who has the primary responsibility for a student and who provides mentoring and guidance. 
  • A supervisor has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide teaching and training that is appropriate to the student’s academic level and that challenges the student to develop greater skill development. 
  • A supervisor uses his/her skills to effectively provide leadership and guidance, clarity of expectations, training and development, teaching skills for employability, ongoing monitoring and feedback, and evaluation. 
  • A supervisor evaluates the student’s progress based on specific learning objectives and outcomes. 
  • A supervisor also evaluates a student in the areas of his/her ability to learn, computation/technical skills, problem solving and creative thinking skills, oral and written communication skills (including delivery of presentations and public speaking), interpersonal and teamwork skills, organizational effectiveness skills (how one fits in with the norms and expectations of the organization), professional and career development skills, and basic work habits (time management, attention to deadlines, etc.)


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