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Registration Process for a Co-Op (Steps 1-4)

Step 1: Once you have accepted an offer from a company, please schedule an appointment with the Co-op Coordinator in the Career Center and bring the following documents.  Note: Graduate Engineering students no longer need to meet with the Co-op Coordinator in the Career Center.

  • The offer letter on official company letterhead, including:
    • The title of the position
    • The supervisor’s name and contact information
    • The name of the department in which the student will be working and the main worksite address
    • The hourly wage or salary
    • The number of hours per week
    • The duration of the co-op with start date and anticipated end date
    • A description of the duties and responsibilities of the co-op assignment
      Note: If not all the information needed is included on the offer letter, please request the company to provide the missing information on a separate page or in an email.
  • Current academic unofficial transcript
  • Undergraduate unofficial transcript (if graduate student)

Steps 2 & 3:

The Co-op Coordinator will provide the forms and paperwork to receive approval by your department chair and to enroll in the Co-op course.

Additionally, if you are an international student, please follow the CPT request instructions and complete the appropriate CPT request form.

Students must pay course fees to the Bursar’s office in advance of enrolling in the cooperative education course. Once payment is made, the receipt must be submitted to the registrar to complete enrollment. All fees for the co-op program are determined by the Bursar’s Office and the School of Engineering.

Step 4:

International students must receive work authorization in the form of Curricular Practical Training before starting work. Unauthorized work may result in immediate deportation. Please follow the CPT Cooperative Agreement Instructions.

Step 5:

If you do not have a social security number, you can request a letter from ISS and take it along with your CPT authorized I-20 to the Social Security Administration office to apply (please allow for 2 weeks).

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