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What is an Internship?

  • iconAn Internship is:

    • Carefully monitored work or volunteer experience that emphasizes intentional learning goals for the student and active reflection on what is being learned through the experience.
    • An on-site, meaningful learning experience that engages students in the process of exploring career goals and fields of interests.
    • A planned, structured, supervised experience that enables students to develop skills for organizing information and solving routine problems as is expected of practicing professionals in their discipline.
    • An opportunity to be supervised by a professional (trained in the same discipline as the internship) who routinely uses a professional level of knowledge, skills, and judgment.
    • A chance to learn technical skills, think and perform as a professional, and develop a network of professional contacts.
  • iconAn Internship is not:

    • Unsupervised, non-evaluated experiences that have no identified learning goals and offer no professional training.
    • Routine, repetitive, "busy work" tasks unrelated to the learning objectives established for the student.
    • A job that does not offer career-related learning opportunities and experiences.
    • An experience of simply doing tasks in a workplace, rather than learning and growing professionally.
  • iconEvidence That Internships Lead to Jobs

    Employment rate of 2013 graduates currently in the job market by internship participation:



  • iconInternship Video

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