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How to Submit Your Resume and Sign Up for an Interview

Before you submit your resume to an employer, take the time to consider whether or not you truly wish to interview with this employer. By submitting your resume, you are asking to be considered for an interview.

Each interview schedule is either "prescreen" or "open." 

Prescreen schedules are those in which you submit your resume online during the period of "Resume Submission" for consideration by the employer. The employer will then review your qualifications and determine whether or not to invite you to interview. To see if you have been selected to interview, check "Interview Requests" in the "On-Campus Interviewing” section.

"Open" interviews are those in which you may schedule your interview appointment at the same time you submit a resume. You must, however, meet the employer's requirements. Each online position listing indicates whether the schedule is "Prescreen" or "Open" and the dates for resume submission and sign-ups.

  • iconSubmit Your Resume

    1. Log in to BroncoLink and select "jobs/internships" from the top navigation bar.
    2. Select "All Interviews" in the "Show Me" dropdown box and click the "Search" button.
    3. Click on the job title of interest to view full details about the position.
    4. The "Application Status" section will show you whether you meet the qualifications specified by the employer.
    5. If qualifications have been met, you may apply to the posting by submitting the required documents. 
    6. If qualifications have not been met, than the system will explain the reasons.
    7. Be sure to submit your resume before the resume submission deadline.
  • iconPreselect Interview Sign-Up

    1. After you search for and apply to a position, you should receive an automatic Email notification if you are preselected for an interview.
    2. Students will also be notified if they have been invited for an interview under the "Alerts" section on the BroncoLink homepage.
    3. Click on the alert to be taken to the "Interview Requests" section.
    4. Under the "Options" column, click on the "Schedule Interview" tab to begin scheduling an interview or click the "Decline Interview" button to decline the invitation.
    5. After clicking the "Schedule Interview" button, select an available time slot and submit.


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