Santa Clara University

Career Center

What To Do at the Career Fair

  • iconAllow Enough Time

    Come as early as possible. Pick up a fair directory and make sure you get to all your target organizations.

  • iconTake the Initiative

    Introduce yourself using your 30-second introduction (Elevator Speech), establish eye contact, and present a firm handshake. Remember to maintain eye contact throughout your conversation. Have your resume ready to give to the employer.

  • iconEmphasize Your Skills

    Be prepared to discuss your skills, background, and career goals. Tell the employer what you have to offer and why you stand out from others who may be looking at the same career opportunities.

  • iconGet Contact Information

    Ask the representative for his/her business card.  If appropriate, write down the names, telephone numbers, etc. of other staff in the organization who you can contact later. 

  • iconTake Notes

    Once you leave the table, write down key points about your discussion and possible next steps. Refer to these in a follow-up email or other contact with the employer.

  • iconBe Courteous

    Know when it is time to move on. Keep it short if there are other students waiting. Close the conversation with “It’s been nice meeting you” or something similar.

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