Santa Clara University

Career Center

Before the Career Fair

  • iconDefine Your Goals

    Are you looking for a job or internship, seeking information about organizations, or making initial contacts with employers?

  • iconBring Resumes

    Take at least 20 copies of your updated resume to give to interested employers. You may want to prepare more than one version, depending on your goals.

  • iconDo Your Homework

    Review the list of employers on the homepage of BroncoLink. Research your target organizations so you can ask focused and specific questions. This impresses employers because it shows a genuine interest.

  • iconPrepare Your Introduction

    Develop a 30-second introduction (Elevator speech) of who you are and what you are interested in. Be enthusiastic and show your strengths, skills, experience, and interest. Practice your firm handshake and smile.

  • iconPractice Your Answers

    Be prepared to briefly answer questions from employers regarding your career goals.

  • iconDress Appropriately

    Remember, first impressions count! Business casual is appropriate for most employers, although some, for example consulting firms, expect more formal dress. The business casual look ranges from slacks or skirts to khakis. It includes a collared shirt and trousers, a shirt or sweater with a skirt, or coordinated separates. Low-heeled shoes and loafers are acceptable business casual footwear.

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