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Conducting the Informational Interview

You’ve been granted 30 minutes, and it’s now your job to make productive use of that time. What do you want to learn from this individual? What do you hope to take away from the meeting?

  • iconAbout the Individual and the Specific Job

  • iconAbout the Organization and Industry

  • iconAbout Your Marketability

    • What might I do to position myself better for opportunities within your organization?
    • Would you mind reviewing my resume and offering any advice?
  • iconAbout Next Steps


You’ll notice above that nowhere have you asked for a job. This type of immediate, direct request makes a contact feel put upon. In an informational interview, you are seeking wisdom, tips, strategies, leads, direction, NOT a job.

At the informational interview, it is up to you to keep track of the time. It leaves a very good impression to be able to say “I see we have only a few minutes left. Is there any final advice you have for me and may I keep in touch as I continue my exploration?” Then thank the individual and leave on time.


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