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Anthropology Dept.

Department History

The Anthropology Department at Santa Clara University had its beginnings in the late 1970s as it emerged within the existing Department of Sociology.  Prior to that time in the 1960s individual courses in anthropology were taught by visiting faculty.  By 1971-72 the university bulletin had a separate listing of courses in Anthropology within the Sociology section.  In 1972-73 the Sociology Department became the Anthropology and Sociology Department, and students were allowed to emphasize either anthropology or sociology.  When the major was established in 1978, three tenure-track positions existed, one for archaeology and two for cultural anthropology. The only physical anthropology regularly taught was a single introductory course offered by the archaeologist.  Eight anthropology majors were listed in the 1978 graduation commencement program.  One anthropologist was tenured early in the 1980s and another somewhat later in that decade.   Early in the 1990s a position was added in cultural anthropology,  and a physical anthropologist and a second archaeologist joined the mix later in the decade to expand the faculty to six.

More stability was created as two more anthropologists were tenured.  With the addition of faculty came a gradual increase in the numbers of undergraduate majors.  There also was an expansion in the archaeology program as campus construction called upon our archaeologists to conduct some of the research and to process the artifacts and burials uncovered.  A separate Archaeological Research Laboratory was created, and though it was not placed within the administrative jurisdiction of the department, it came to be a significant component of the anthropological work of faculty and students at Santa Clara.  In the late 1990s discussions began with our sociological colleagues regarding the possibility of separating into two departments.  Each program had grown and created strong foundations for such a separation.   With support from the College of Arts and Sciences,  the two programs at first reorganized into more semi-autonomous units each with its own co-chair and its own budget.   Division into two departments finally came in Fall 2005, and the department has continued to grow and develop in interesting ways since that time.

Anthropology Faculty

1970s to Present:

Mythri Jegathesan (2014-Present)
David De Gusta (2014-2015)
Laura Hauff (2012-Present)
Lee Panich (2011-Present)
Matthew Jobin (2009-Present)
Gregory Gullette (2008-2015)
Michelle Bezanson (2006-Present)
Sangeeta Luthra (2005-Present)
Lisa Kealhofer (1999-Present)
Margaret Graham (1997-2004)
Russell Skowronek (1991-2010)
Luis Calero, S.J. (1990-Present)
Mary Hegland (1989-Present)
David Huelsbeck (1983-1989)
George Westermark (1980-2012)
Mark Lynch (1980-1982)
Linda Cool (1977-1985)*
Allen Pastron (1974-1977)
Charles Rosen (1974-1977)
Dennis McGilvray (1972-1973)
Richard Berg (1968-1971)

*first tenured anthropologist

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