Santa Clara University

Anthropology Dept.

Anthropology Seminar Series

Past Seminars: 

29 April 2015. Dr. Mythri Jegathesan. "Labor, landscape, and (de)colonial desires on Sri Lanka's tea plantations."

11 February 2015. Dr. Karen Strier. "Primate Conservation in the 21st Century: Insights from the Muriqui Monkeys of Brazil."

28 May 2014. Dr. Mary Hegland. "Days of Revolution: History, Politics, and Anthropology in an Iranian Setting."

16 April 2014. Andrea Wright. "Traffic in Migrants: Labor and Gold in the Arabian Sea."

19 February 2014. Dr. Barbara L. Voss. "Burn Layer: The Archaeology of Anti-Immigrant Violence."

29 January 2014. Dr. Enrique Salmon. "American Indian Food Ways and Resilience on the Edges of Climate Changes."

6 December 2013. Dr. Erin Riley. "What Counts as 'Natural"?: Exploring the Human-Primate Interface in Indonesia and Florida."

13 November 2013. Dr. Sangeeta Luthra. "Faith, Community, and Institution Building: Sikh Americans Respond to Racial Profiling in the Aftermath of 9/11."

22 May 2013. Dr. Lisa Kealhofer. "Archaeology, Land Use and Environmental Change around Gordion, Turkey." 

10 April 2013. Dr. Eleanor M. King. "The Archaeology of Conflict: Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, and the Battle Over the Southwestern Frontier."  

6 March 2013. Dr. Laura Hauff.  "Maternal Obesity and Poor Breastfeeding Outcomes: A Biocultural Perspective."

15 February 2013. Dr. James McKenna. "Why Infants Should Never Sleep Alone: Evolutionary, Cultural and Developmental Perspectives."

7 November 2012. Dr. Gregory Gullette. "Environmental Change, Migration, and Livelihood Strategies in Thailand's Rural-Urban Interface."

24 October 2012. Dr. Jeanine Pfieffer. "Awesome Ethnoecology: How Long-term Collaborations Change Everything."

23 May 2012. Dr. Guadalupe Salazar. "Children of Mapocho: Street Children in Chile."

4 April 2012. Dr. Christina Zanfagna. "Building 'Zyon' in Babylon: Holy Hip Hop and Geographies of Conversion."

18 May 2011. Dr. Lorna Pierce. "The Body in the Woods."

6 April 2011. Dr. George Mohler. "The Mathematics of Crime Spots."

16 February 2011.  Linda Hylkema.  "Is It Really Gone?: Reconstructing Mission Santa Clara from its De-constructed Environment."

19 January 2011.  Dr. Lee Panich. "The Archaeology of Spanish Missions: A View from Mission Santa Catalina, Baja California."

3 November 2010. Dr. Agustin Fuentes. "What Race is, What it is Not and Why This is Important."

27 October 2010. Drs. Michelle Bezanson and Sean Watts. "Monkeys, Soil, Frogs, and Sustainability in Costa Rica."

19 May 2010. Dr. Luis Calero. "No Way Out: Drugs, Politics, and Violence in Colombia."

28 April 2010.  Dr. Ellen Boccuzzi. "Reading Migration: Thai Migrant Literature as Ethnographic Source."

24 February 2010.  Dr. Joanna Mountain. "Genetics and the Population History of Africa."

17 February 2010. Dr. Matthew Jobin. "Inferring Population History from Genetic Data using the Rejection Algorithm."

11 November 2009. Dr. Lydia Boyd. "Saving One's Self: Ugandan Youth, Sexual Abstinence, and Born-Again Christianity in the Times of AIDS."

28 October 2009. Dr. Laure Bjawe-Levine.  "Collateral Damage in Iraq: Iraqi Refugees Pay the Price of War." 

20 May 2009. Dr. Gregory Gullette. "Transnational Participatory Development: Economic and Cultural Flows Influencing Community, Development, and Rights of Participation in Oaxaca, Mexico."

8 April 2009. Dr. Ana Pitchon. "A Risky Catch: Pier Fishing in LA County."

21 January 2009.  Dr. Lucia Volk.  "Putting the 'National' Back in the Lebanese: A study of Beirut's Martyrs Memorial."

18 February 2009.  Dr. Mary Hegland.  "The Iranian Revolution and Aliabad of Shiraz: Village Conflict and the Aftermath."


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