Santa Clara University

Anthropology Dept.

Programs and Links

The Anthropology Department offers various avenues for students to experience research first hand and to learn of anthropological work in various fields.  We continue to operate the Anthropology Seminar Series, which is a quarterly series where two anthropologists (one from outside the university) will deliver a talk on her or his research.  Additionally, the Visiting Scholar Program brings top anthropologists on campus to conduct seminars or give public talks.

Although formally independent from the Department of Anthropology, Santa Clara University's archaeology lab, housed in Ricard Observatory, oversees the University's rich buried past. This cultural and historical legacy includes evidence of the Native American, Spanish, Mexican and nineteenth century American occupations that have become the Santa Clara University campus. Currently the Lab is administered by University Operations, and focuses on mitigating the effects of construction on campus cultural resources.  Linda Hylkema(408/554-4513) is the campus Cultural Resources Manager, and often has opportunities for student employment and volunteer work.


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