Santa Clara University

Department of Art and Art History

Art History - Curriculum and Pedagogy

Goal 1. Require every major and minor to take at least one course outside the traditional sphere of western art history.

  • 1a. Hire a tenure-track art historian with a specialty outside the traditional perimeters of Western art (e.g., Asian art, Pre-Columbian/Latin American art and/or Native American Art). (Accomplished spring 2006)

Goal 2. Look for ways to foster interdisciplinary links between our art history course offerings and those of related disciplines, especially history, classics, religious studies, and anthropology.

  • 2a. Encourage non-majors to register for upper division art history classes and encourage our majors to pursue relevant courses in related fields.
  • 2b. Initiate conversations with other departments to foster a fully coordinated approach to course offerings across departments and plan speakers, events, field trips, etc. that might appeal to faculty and students engaged in two or more of these courses.
  • 2c. Take this conversation a step further to a fully coordinated approach so that students may take, for example, Roman Art, Roman History, and Roman Religion all in the same quarter or academic year.

Goal 3. Encourage our students to spend the equivalent of at least one semester abroad in an international studies program.

  • 3a. Train faculty advisors to familiarize majors with options in the International Studies program in their first sessions with students.

Goal 4. Encourage students to study foreign languages so that they can access scholarship in the field that is not written in English.

  • 4a. Encourage students that are likely to pursue graduate degrees to study appropriate languages (German, French, etc.) before they graduate.

Goal 5. Ensure that our art history curriculum reflects recent developments in the field.

  • 5a. Track our course offerings and learning outcomes for the art history major with those of several other equal or stronger undergraduate art history programs.
  • 5b. Ensure that we have adequate rotation of our upper division courses to meet the needs of our majors.

Goal 6. Ensure that our Western Culture offerings serve the Core through rigorous courses that analyze artistic developments embedded in their cultural contexts.

6a. Organize one meeting per quarter for all faculty teaching Art History 11, 12, or 13 to discuss learning objectives in light of the Core Curriculum, the Department MGOA, and the University Mission.

Goal 7. Add a visual resources library staff position to expand, digitize and create a flexible database for our department's image collection. This will allow faculty to devote less time to selecting slides before each class, and more time to their research agendas.

  • 7a. Scan images for the most frequently offered courses first (ARTH 11, 12, 13).

Goal 8. Assess the writing components of our advanced upper division courses in light of the features of third writing courses. As ppropriate seek approval from the Core Writing Committee for Third Writing credit.

Goal 9. Encourage students to participate in internship and volunteer opportunities in campus and Bay area cultural institutions.

  • 9a. Publicize the Explore with Me Docent Program at the de Saisset Museum on campus, as well as internship opportunities at the San Jose Museum of Art, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Triton Museum of Santa Clara.


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