Santa Clara University

Department of Art and Art History

Academic Programs

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Art History

Examine human history, religion, psychology, sociology, politics, science, and culture through art.

Art History majors often pursue graduate study as well as jobs in arts administration for museums, galleries, and other professional commercial or community arts organizations. The knowledge and skills developed in art history courses also offer an excellent preparation for careers in business, communication, education, government and law.

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Studio Art

The Studio Art program pairs intensive hands-on work with an emphasis on analysis, research, and writing to prepare majors for all types of creative careers. 

The Studio Art program offers a comprehensive foundation that gives its majors the necessary skills to pursue graduate study or careers in the arts. Many studio art majors are using their creative skills in the computer industry and related image and graphics companies. The studio art curriculum also provides non-majors the chance to express thought and feeling in a hands-on environment.


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