Santa Clara University

Department of Art and Art History

Uyen Nguyen, David Foster, and Darya Sakharova

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Uyen Nguyen:

  Wooden Cheese Sculpture
Red and Black Raku Fired Ceramic Sculpture Ogre Ceramic Sculpture Ceramic Bust of a Busty Woman
David Foster:

Painting of a Man Reading a Newspaper While Sitting on a Toilet
Painting of a Person in a Bathtub With an Alligator Eating a Rubber Ducky Painting of Two Women Reading Newspapers Painting of a Man Standing in an Icey Landscape Wearing a Loin-Clothe
Darya Sakharova:


Burned Wooden Sculpture
Painting of a Tree with a Heart Growing Out of It Stuffed Rabbit Tangled in Phone Pieces and Cords and Things Painting of a Naked Woman's Lower Body With a Snake Mixed Media Wall Installation

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