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Ukiyo-e: Woodblock Prints from Japan


June 8 to August 21

2nd floor Hallway Exhibition Space
Santa Clara University, Library
Reception: Wednesday, June 10 @ 5:30pm

Charged Abstraction

Charged Abstraction

Sept 21 to Oct 23

10:30am - 5:30pm
SCU Fine Arts Building Gallery

Reception: Weds, Oct 7, 5-7pm
Artist Panel Lecture: Oct 7, 5:30pm

Welcome Back Night

welcome back

October 6

Art and Art History majors, minors and enthusiasts may join the department in a Welcome Back Night. A casual gathering to meet faculty, staff and fellow students, and to find out what's going on for the year. Great company + great food = lots of fun!
5:00pm, Fine Arts Building

World and Wings

World and Wings_420

Nov 2 to Dec 4

Wanda Sullivans' paintings are conceptually based on landscapes, landscape principles and a concern for climate change. She strives for a conglomeration of weather, light, color and texture; all combined into an abstract pictorial space containing vague references to organic and fundamental landscape characteristics such as horizon lines. She uses circles to allude to the world or remains of worlds. 

SCU Fine Arts Building Gallery

Carol Collins

Jan 11 to Feb 5 

10:30am - 5:30pm
SCU Fine Arts Building Gallery

Photographic Stories told from The Rwanda Orphanage Project

Rwands Exhibit j

Feb 16 to Mar 11

10:30am - 5:30pm
SCU Fine Arts Building Gallery

The photographs in this exhibition are featured works produced by several students at Rwanda Orphanage Project in Kigali, Rwanda. After composing  their self-portraits and hand-coloring their prints, each student crafted a sentence in Kinyarwanda (their native language) that compared a dominant part of their body to another object. Several students chose to liken their features to that of an animal while one student compared his back to several hip hop artists.



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