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Student Research Presentations

Please use the following guidelines in writing your abstract:
Undergraduate author(s), Faculty Sponsor, Institution, Address and Abstract Title.
The title should express the major conclusion from the work and include the name of the organism.  For example, “Cell expansion in etiolated Arabidopisis seedling hypocotyls was inhibited 50% by blue light treatment.”   Abstracts should include background theoretical material, mention of major techniques used, verbal description of important results and listing of major conclusions.  The abstract should be single spaced and contain fewer than 2,000 characters (with spaces).  Text should not contain figures or tabular data.
Please use the following guidelines for preparing your poster:
List authors and present title as for the abstract.  The poster must fit into a 40 x 40 inch space. 

General suggestion: Use a large print font and make graphs/images large and easy to read.  Be sure to summarize the major points.  Too many posters contain too much text and too many small graphs; it is hard for visitors to read and understand so much detail.  I find it helpful to have a detailed handout for readers who want more information. By having the handout, you can keep the text of the poster to a minimum for the casual reader, but still provide plenty of information interested visitors.

Please use the following guidelines for preparing your oral presentation:

Begin with an introductory PowerPoint slide that includes the title of your talk, your name, the names of coauthors, name of faculty sponsor, and your institution.

Oral presentations should last 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions.  Of course, your presentation should provide background (theory) for your audience, a clearly stated hypothesis, some description of methods and materials, well organized results (graphs, tables, photos, etc.), and discussion of how your results relate to the theory and your hypothesis.  I suggest that you include a summary slide.  You might also consider an acknowledgment slide to recognize funding sources, collaborators, etc.  Timing is very important; please practice to be sure that you can complete your talk within the allotted time.

Registration Fee

The Conference registration fee for both students and faculty is $28.50, when postmarked by the registration deadline date. 

The fee for late registrants is $35.

The registration fee helps to offset the costs of the continental breakfast, hot buffet luncheon, awards reception and the Conference Abstract booklet.

Deadline for Abstracts - DEADLINE EXTENDED

Submit abstracts before March 15, 2010 to to be included in the Program. Any abstracts received after this date will not be added.


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