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Staff Pharmacist
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
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San Francisco, CA
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Dotor of Pharmacy, University of California - San               Francisco, Awarded June 2003.
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I'm a recent graduate from the UCSF school of pharmacy.                 Initially, my chemistry major at SCU was just a steppping stone                 to get me into pharmacy school. But while in pharmacy school,                 I realized how fortunate I was to have a strong chemistry background                 from Santa Clara. Most of my pharmacy school classmates had backgrounds                 in biology or biochemistry. But a number of the 1st year courses                 were basic science chemistry related courses (biochemistry, adv.                 organic chemistry, physical chemistry...etc). I was able to waive                 out of most of these classes by taking a proficiency exam. In                 fact, I waived out of more classes during my first year than any                 of my classmates! Throughout the pharmacy curriculum, my chemistry                 background served me again and again expecially in the pharmacology/pharmacutical                 chemistry series. The mechanism of action of most drugs work by                 basic chemical and biological principles which were easily understandable                 with a chemistry background.


During my last year of pharmacy school, I elected to take a pharmaceutical                 sciences pathway in which I was able to join a lab and perform                 a research project in place of some of the elective clinical rotations.                 My research project involved drug development in which I was performing                 organic synthesis of potential medicinal compounds and assaying                 these compounds for biological activity against our target. I                 learned advanced organic synthesis techniques, made a few new                 lead compounds, and got to work in one of the premier laboratories                 within the UCSF pharmaceutical sciences department.


I passed the California pharmacy state board exam and am currently                 working for a small community pharmacy in San Francisco. I work                 35 hours per week over 3.5 days and moonlight for other pharmacies                 on my days off. The market for pharmacists right now is strong                 and I can get a job anywhere or switch jobs anytime.


In the future, I plan to become a compounding pharmacist in which                 I would make customized medications or customized drug dosage                 forms to meet patients needs. I am also considering going into                 pharmaceutical industry in which I would get involved in the drug                 development of new medications. Both of these areas will not only                 use my pharmaceutical knowledge but also my chemistry background                 as well.


When thinking back to my years at SCU, if I had to do it all                 over again, I would not change a thing. The chemistry program                 was rigorous but it gave me the foundation to succeed in professional                 school and sparked the interest to open up many options within                 my career.


If you ever have any questions about pharmacy or the way you                 can integrate a chemistry degree within the practice of pharmacy                 don't hesitate to contact me.

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