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Alumnus/Alumna Information
Last                 Name (while at Santa Clara):
Last                 Name (if different now):
Jackson or
              Healey Jackson
First                 Name:
Graduation                 Year:
Job Information
Job Title and                 Description:
Medical Doctor
Private practice
Job City and State:
Beverly Hills, CA
Graduate and Professional Schools,               Degrees, Awards
M.D. 1984 UCLA School of Medicine
              Internship 1985 Internal Medicine UCLA School of Medicine
              Residency thru 1988 Dermatology UCLA School of Medicine
Biographical Information

Graduated late March 1980 (or early),  though I entered College in 1975 and should have finished 1979. This is important because I was able to obtain employment/offered employment in 2 "real"  jobs as a chemistry graduate from March 1980 through September 1980, when I would start medical school. My job offers were for a position as a Chemical "engineer" (my B.S. was in chemistry alone) at McDonnall Douglas (MDAC) Astronautics in Huntington Beach, CA, AND a second job offer at Chevron refinery in El Segundo, CA as a petroleum chemist. I ended up taking the position @ MDAC  and worked as a "real" chemist/professional for almost 6 months prior to medical school in their Elastomers research lab. Obviously, although it was easy to find a job in chemistry,   I likely ultimately would have gotten an advanced chemistry degree had I not decided to go to medical school.


Upon entering medical school at a top-notch school, I found that my undergrad training @ SCU was so rigorous that medical school was relatively "easy" by comparison. I graduated AOA   (medical school honors) from UCLA in 1984.


I ultimately chose and trained in Dermatology and I am now a Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA in private practice. Unfortunately, I remember very little about chemistry (it's been 24 years since              I used it!), the general scientific training has been important  to my career. I do remember how to go from grams to moles (divide by the molar mass)!

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