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Director of Research               and
              Development - Natural Graphite
GrafTech International
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Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University               of Nevada-Reno
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Dr. Krassowski began his career with               the Carbon Products Division of Union Carbide in 1987. Specializing               in the analytical chemistry of carbon and graphite, he was primarily               responsible for the elemental analysis of natural graphite raw materials               and products. He also contributed to process development efforts,               and in quantifying process wastewater and air emissions. In 1994,               Dr. Krassowski accepted a position in Customer
              Technical Service position with the GRAFOIL Products Group. He served               as Manager of Technology for the GRAFOIL Products Group, and from               1994 to 1999 served in various management, sales, research and development,               and new product development positions in the natural graphite line               of business. Dr. Krassowski has been Director of Research and Development               for the Natural Graphite business interests of GrafTech International               since April 2000. His group is focused on developing low cost, high               performance graphite components for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)               fuel cell applications, and graphite-based components to manage               the growing thermal management issues associated with computers               and portable electronics. He holds 8 U.S. patents for the use of               special carbon and graphite materials in fuel cells, batteries,               thermal management, and fire protection applications. He is a member               of the American Chemical Society, and represents GrafTech International               at the U.S. Fuel Cell Council and the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition.
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