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BS. Stanford 1951
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40 years as a chemist in the electonic               industry, I worked on materials
              and processes for photocopiers, solar cells, inkjet printers, solid               state microwave devices. Published 20 papers including a invited               chapter in
              'Annual Review of Material Science'. Founder and vice-president               of
              Photophysics, Inc., 1969-1976. Visiting associate, Cal Tech, 1975-
              1976. SRI International, 1976-1992. 14 U.S. patents. 1954-1957,               I was an instructor in SCU Chemistry Department. Electronic Materials
              is an excellent field for chemists. I found that most of that work               is done
              by physicists and engineers who do not understand chemical processing,
              thus there are many opportunities for inovative R&D. I always               worked less than 20 miles from SCU, so was there when much of the               Silicon Valley industry evolved.
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