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I graduated in 1940 with a Bachelors                 of Science in Chemistry. A few
                years ago, while walking in the hall of the new Chemistry building,                 I saw a display of Dr. Joe Deck's career at SCU. I was in his                 first class in 1936, and believe I am the first 4-year chemistry                 graduate of his career. If your library has a copy of the 1936-37                 yearbook, The Redwood, you will see towards the beginning of the                 book, a montage of photos of that time. The most striking photo,                 in my opinion, is of two people in their pajamas, blindfolded,                 holding onto a streeetlight pole on Lafayette Street in Santa                 Clara. The two people are Chet Porter and myself, Bob O'Connor,                 being initiated into the Galtes Chemical Society. We were the                 first four-year graduates from the Department of Chemistry in                 Dr. Joe's program. The reason that I think I was the first graduate                 is that the diplomas were given alphabetically, plus, Chet became                 a real estate salesman after graduation, while I never deviated                 from Chemistry, except for five years of service in the Air Force.
                Generally, I did private label manufacturing, which entailed many                 products.


I would like to stress that I had a Santa Clara advantage, because                 during the time I studied chemistry, I took my most inspirational                 class ever, an ethics class taught by Fr. Laughlin. This class                 influenced me throughout my career. It inspired confidence, and                 made me realize that it was more important to perform with ethics                 than anyting else. The two together made for a very happy career.              

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