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Process Research

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Mountain View, CA
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Mr. Peters is general manager of Process                 Research, a composite consulting company he founded in 1972, in                 Mountain View, CA. He has been involved in the advanced composites                 field since 1968, is a SAMPE Fellow and a Registered Professional                 Engineer (manufacturing), in the State of California. He has been                 involved in the design, analysis and manufacturing of rocket motor                 cases, thick wall, low cost, composite aerospace structures reinforced                 with carbon/graphite, silica, polyethylene, "E" and                 "S" glass, along with sporting goods and commercial                 compounds.


He has also had full-time positions with major aerospace firms                 such as Westinghouse Electric, Marine Division; United Technologies,                 Chemical Systems Division and others. At Westinghouse he received                 three patents for composite to metal joints and joint making techniques                 (USP 4,701,231, 5,043,217, and 5,167,742). He was technical lead                 for the Cruise Missile Graphite Epoxy Launch Canister development                 (contract Number N-0001990C-007. This canister was built with                 fail safe, wound-in-place joints that he invented for the lower                 flange and that he patented for the upper. These joints have received                 nuclear certification; over 600 of these canisters have been made,                 by several contractors. He was also technical advisor to the fabrication                 of a square carbon/graphite composite canister which was part                 of the THAADS theater defensive system under development for MICOM                 (Subcontract Number L-K30A1830N from LMSC). His efforts resulted                 in the reduction of composite fabrication costs by over 50%.


He has written or edited two books on composites. His book, co-authored                 with Don Humphey, Filament Winding, Composite Structure Fabrication                 has been the primary reference in the field for over 11 years.                 The second edition was published in 1999. The book he
                edited for Chapman and Hall (now Kluwer Academic) Handbook                 of Composites, was published in 1998.


He has taught composite courses for SAMPE, SME, ASM, Standford                 University, San Jose State University, Technology Seminars and                 Advanced Composite Seminars.



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