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Sant Clara University
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None - I am a total slacker. I plan on getting                 an MBA, but ahhhhh -
                we'll see. I don't miss taking tests quite yet...I think i still                 have p-chem

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It's been a wild ride, but I definitely am happy                 that I chose Chemistry as my Major. In my jobs after SCU, the                 knowledge I had was extremely valuable since I tended to work                 with engineers directly . I think my ability to grasp their concepts                 enough to translate them into usable products and tangible ideas                 made me an asset to my employers. I think the classes that helped                 me in my jobs were p-chem, polymers and the IC fabrications course                 with the engineering school. I think it's interesting how you                 don't realize what you learn in the classroom can actually translate                 to other fields of study. I still laugh when I think about the                 time I chimed in with my $.02 when our engineering team was discussing                 the problems with ventilation and airflow within the case of our                 prototype, and my input actually was coherent ennouh to give the                 engineers an idea that ended up solving the problem.


After graduation in 1999 - I worked in high-tech and got the                 opportunity to travel around the country and get paid for it.                 But my heart was still in California...Changed jobs in 2000 and                 did product management and development in the network security                 arena. I still do consulting occasionally, but figured I would                 seek out new challenges. I bought a house in the summer of 2003                 here in San Jose, and recently decided to join the Alumni Relations                 team here at SCU. They were gracious enough to let me work for                 them in the fall of 2003 and I am enjoying the chance to be back                 on campus and bring some of my outside experience here to SCU.                 If anyone drops by campus, I work in Donohoe Alumni House (across                 from Kenna in case you don't remember!) - so swing by!


Well that was short - so I will do my part to make sure y'all                 go to your reunions. As anyone who attended our Class of '99 5-year                 reunion this May knows,




And for those of you that don't believe me - three things: 1)                 open bar, 2) live music, 3)dancing

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