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duPont Co., Sun Oil R&D, Gore Associates:               Last title - Principle Scientist
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Willmington, DE
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MS. Organometalic Chemistry
              Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Biographical Information

After suviving the Korean War (awarded                 the combat infantry badge and
                the Purple Heart), I entered the University of Santa Clara with                 the assistance of the GI bill. I graduated in 1957 with a BS in                 Chemistry. During that time, I did some research with Dr. Deck.                 After graduating, I accepted a teaching assistantship in chemistry                 with Saint Louis University Chem Dept. There I earned a MS and                 Ph.D. Upon graduating, I was recruited by duPont as a research                 chemist at their Experimental Station Wilmington DE. After 5 years,                 I moved to Sun Oil R&D near Philadelphia. There I worked on                 several research projects, mainly in polymer chemistry. In the                 course of time, I received about 35 U.S. patents. Also, I was                 given recognition for my work by being selected, by my company,                 as their candidate for the Delaware Section of the ACS research                 chemist of the year.


After 23 years, I retired form Sun Oil, but then took another                 research position with W.L. Gore for another 7 years. There I                 developed a novel water repellent coating. This is the company                 that developed Gore-Tex.


On a personal note, I married Barbara Knetl, while in Saint Louis.                 We have four children and eight grand children, all are doing                 well. I can say that with regards to my personal life as well                 as my professional life, I have been quite fortunate.


bob thompson

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