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Alumnus/Alumna Information
Last                 Name (while at Santa Clara):
Last                 Name (if different now):
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Graduation                 Year:
Job Information
Job Title and                 Description:
Global Laboratory Coordinator               /Senior Consulting Scientist
ChevronTexaco Energy Technology
Job City and State:
Richmond, CA
Graduate and Professional Schools,               Degrees, Awards
B.S., Chemistry, Santa Clara U., 1970
              Ph.D. Inorganics/Organometallics, U. Nevada Reno, 1975
              Postdoctoral Associate, Physical Organic, U. Utah 1976
Biographical Information
I coordinate, through Integrated Laboratory               Technologies, global laboratory support to help solve complex analytical               problems for upstream and downstream laboratories related with petroleum               characterization, organic, inorganic and geo chemistry and related               technologies for crude oil and its refined products.
              I personally provide process and environmental analytical consulting               to ChevronTexaco’s operating companies and its licensees.               I am knowledgeable on sampling for petroleum products and environmental               matrices (air, surface water, groundwater, and waste), and petroleum               and environmental analytical methods. I provide sampling and analysis               plan design and project management. I perform laboratory evaluations               for both EPA and ISO 17025 criteria, and do data quality evaluation               and validation for project management and litigation support. I               am the Lab Advisor to Chevron Global Refining’s Laboratory               Best Practices Team.              

Work Experience:
                1976-1978 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health                 (NIOSH), Physical and Chemical Research Branch, Research Analytical                 Chemist
                1978 LFE Analytical Laboratories Inorganics Laboratory/Industrial                 Hygiene Chemist
                • 1978-present ChevronTexaco
                • Global Laboratory Coordinator, ,Integrated Laboratory                 Technologies ChevronTexaco Energy Technology Company, 1999-2003
                Professional and Industry Associations and Committees:
                • American Petroleum Industry (API) Environmental Monitoring                 Task Force
                Test Methods Task Force
                • Western State Petroleum Association (WSPA) Test Methods                 Task Force (Petroleum Fuels), chair
                • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
                Air D-22; Water D-19; Waste D-34; and Petroleum D-2,
                chair D02.04D Hydrocarbons Physical & Chemical Methods subgroup
                • American Chemical Society (ACS), California Section ChemOlympiad                 Coordinator
                • EPA Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board,
                • EPA Technical Qualifications Board
                • EPA/NELAC On-Site Assessment committee
                • CAL_DOHS Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Board
                • CAL-EPA Laboratory Waste Regulatory Taskforce
                • California Water Resources Board, Laboratory Accreditation                 Panel
                • U.S. DOE Visiting Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories,                 Burner Engineering Research Lab
                • American Chemical Society, Younger Chemists Committee
                • Editorial Advisory Board, Environmental Testing &                 Analysis


Books, Papers and Presentations
                1 Co-editor “Analytical Methods in Occupational Health Chemistry”,                 D.D. Dollberg and A.W. Verstuyft
                17 Peer reviewed papers in Organometallic Synthesis and Characterization,                 and Environmental Analysis
                24 Invited Presentations on Environmental Analysis, Methods, and                 Quality Assurance

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