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Degree Options

B.A. Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry with ACS Certification
B.S. Biochemistry
B.S. Biochemistry with ACS Certification

Transferring to SCU

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry welcomes interested transfer students. In order for a transfer student to complete a major in chemistry or biochemistry in two years, it is essential for that student to have already completed a year-long sequence in both general chemistry and organic chemistry. For students interested in biochemistry, having already completed a first course in biology (equivalent to BIOL 21) is also essential. Given course sequencing issues, it can be difficult for students to transfer into the department in the winter term. Any applicants considering a winter transfer should contact the department in advance to determine the feasibility of doing so.

Why Study Chemistry and Biochemistry

Why study Chemistry and Biochemistry - Importance of chemistry; a degree in chemistry can prepare you for different careers and graduate studies; career options; skills and competencies



Honing problem-solving skills in the lab

Andrew Vu
Chemistry major
Thinking and solving problems like a scientist are major talents honed by this chemistry major. Read the full profile »


Courses Offered

In addition to satisfying the Santa Clara core curriculum requirements, majors and minors in chemistry take chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses, and, for majors in biochemistry, biology courses, as described in the various options for the B.S. or B.A. degree.  (See Degrees Options section listed above.)

Below is a complete list of the chemistry courses offered at Santa Clara University. Those marked in bold are required by all Bachelor's degree programs. Please consult the headings on the menu to the left to find the specific requirements for each degree and for the chemistry minor.  For a list of classes offered this academic year and course descriptions, read more.

Chem 1 - Chemistry and the Environment

Chem 5 - Chemistry: An Experimental Science
Chem 11 - General Chemistry I

Chem 11H - General Chemistry I Honors
Chem 12 - General Chemistry II
Chem 12H - General Chemistry II Honors

Chem 13 - General Chemistry III

Chem 15 - Introduction to Research
Chem 19 - Chemistry for Teachers
Chem 31 - Organic Chemistry I
Chem 32 - Organic Chemistry II
Chem 33 - Organic Chemistry III
Chem 101 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 102 - Inorganic Chemistry
Chem 111 - Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Chem 115 - Chemistry Seminar

Chem 130 - Organic Synthesis
Chem 131 - Bioinorganic Chemistry
Chem 141 - Biochemistry I
Chem 142 - Biochemistry II
Chem 143 - Biochemical Techniques
Chem 150 - Biophysical Chemistry
Chem 151 - Spectroscopy
Chem 152 - Chemical Thermodynamics

Chem 154 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 182 - Undergraduate Research
Chem 183 - Senior Research Experience
Chem 184 - Capstone Research Experience
Chem 191 - Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
Chem 192 - Special Topics in Physical/Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry
Chem 193 - Special Topics in Environmental Chemistry
Chem 194 - Special Topics in Biochemistry, Bioorganic, or Bioinorganic Chemistry

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